The Virtual Race to Ithaca!

Get in shape for the summer and participate in The Virtual Race to Ithaca. Use all the equipment in the fitness center, planned exercises, and calisthenics.

Open to all Members of The Cornell Club-New York

Where: The Virtual Race to Ithaca is primarily held in the CCNY Health & Fitness Center with some activities held outside. 

Why: Why not?! The Virtual Race to Ithaca is a FUN and exciting way to get in shape for the summer. It’s also a great way to build member camaraderie.

When: The Race takes place from January 22nd to May 19th and Members can register at any time. The race culminates with a victory dinner for all the participants!

How it works: Track your hard work using a combination external activities such as Fitbit steps counting.

Cost: Free to CCNY Members

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Midtown is the busiest neighborhood in New York City. But somehow, there is a spot where you can exercise without the massive crowds.

Get the motivation you need to get in shape with the Race to Ithaca in the comfort of an exclusive gym at The Cornell Club-New York.

  • A fitness challenge incorporating gym equipment in the CCNY facility.
  • Peloton experience within the race.
  • Utilize treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rower, UBE, and steppers.
  • A fun way to get and stay in shape.
  • Learn new skills and make new friends.

Ready to take on the Virtual Race to Ithaca?

Request more info to join the race and take the next step!

Not ready now? Gear up for Round Two! A scaled-down version of the race is also held in the fall. September 9th to November 24th with a celebratory dinner on November 25th.